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West and Central Africa Expands Access to HIV Treatment, But Falls Short of Targets

Kigali, 3 December 2019 – West and Central Africa has made significant progress in expanding access to HIV treatment in the past three years. At the end of 2018, 53% of adults (people aged 15 and over) were accessing antiretroviral therapy (ART), compared to 39% in 2015. However, the region still lags behind East and Southern Africa, where by the end of 2018, 67% of people living with HIV were accessing ART.

African First Ladies laud progress against HIV, urge more efforts

Six African First Ladies today renewed their commitment to ending childhood AIDS in Africa by 2030 and keeping their mothers healthy. This came during a high-level meeting organized by the Organisation of African First Ladies for Development (OAFLAD) on the sidelines of the International Conference on AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections in Africa (ICASA) in Kigali, Rwanda.

Weak vaccine-preventable disease surveillance could cost the African Region $22.4 b...

In its newly launched Investment Case for Vaccine-Preventable Disease Surveillance in the African Region 2020-2030, the World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Office for Africa highlights the drastic consequences that could be in store for the region if countries do not invest in disease surveillance efforts, including a US$22.4 billion economic burden over the next decade.