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WHO supports Cross River State in administering polio vaccines to Cameroonian refuge...

Cross River, 22 August 2019 -  Following the 2016 crisis in the South West and North West Anglophone regions of Cameroon, a large number of asylum seekers fled into neighboring villages in Cross River State Nigeria for safety. The asylum seekers mainly came from Akwaya, Otu, Eyumojock, Nsan, Dadi and Bodam villages. The World Health Organization (WHO) is supporting the state to reach more refugees against Polio. 

Restoring people’s trust in medical facilities an essential prescription for achievi...

22 August,  Brazzaville - Populations across the 47 Member States of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) African Region only utilize an average 48% of their available health services. But only an average 34% of those same populations even has access to essential services. And health systems in those countries only perform, on average, at 49% of their possible level of functionality.

The WHO universal health coverage agenda seeks to diminish these gaps by strengthening district and local health systems in their delivery of services to all people.

As risks of outbreaks grow, African health ministers agree to new response strategy

With an acute public health event reported every four days on the continent, it is more important than ever before for African countries to be able to respond to health emergencies. African health ministers today adopted a 10-year regional strategy that aims to strengthen integrated disease surveillance and response and mitigate the devastating impact of outbreaks, such as Ebola.

Countries launch synchronized cross border campaign to fight against polio: Somali r...

Polio is a highly infectious, debilitating disease which affects children and causes permanent paralysis. Polio is not curable, and can only be prevented by vaccination. Families and communities must ensure their children are vaccinated both during polio campaigns and through routine immunization. The Horn of Africa is currently in emergency with imported poliovirus of circulating vaccine derived polioviruses placing polio eradication as unfinished business. Circulating vaccine Derived-Polio Virus (cVDPV) outbreak was reported recently from Somaliland and the first-round quick response has been conducted in July 2019. Since then four more cases have been reported in Puntland in Somalia, one in Bosaso district, one in Ufyan district, one on the border with Somali region in Ethiopia and one in Dollo Zone Bokh Wareda in Somali Region of Ethiopia.

Africa today heads into the last mile to be free of wild polio

Brazzaville, 21 August 2019 – Africa today passes a milestone threshold – three years with no case of wild poliovirus detected.

This three-year landmark sets in motion a comprehensive evaluation process by the Africa Regional Certification Commission to determine if the entire WHO African Region of 47 countries indeed can be declared to have eradicated wild poliovirus. Certification that the WHO African Region is free of wild polio is expected in early 2020.

Ministerial gathering to shape Africa’s health agenda opens in Brazzaville

Sixty-ninth session of the World Health Organization Regional Committee for Africa

Brazzaville, 19 August 2019 – The 69th session of the World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Committee for Africa opened today in Brazzaville, with Congolese President Denis Sassou-Nguesso calling for stronger health systems, concrete action on counterfeit medicine and universal access to health care.

The Congolese leader drew attention to ongoing health development initiatives in his country.