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African countries commit to ending all forms of polio at regional meeting

Governments from the World Health Organization (WHO) African Region have committed to ending all remaining forms of polio and presented a scorecard to track progress towards the eradication of the virus. The commitments came at a dedicated meeting on polio at the Seventy-first WHO Regional Committee for Africa.

African Health Ministers open meeting to shape continent’s health agenda

Brazzaville, 24 August 2021 – African Health Ministers and representatives from countries gathered today for the Seventy-first session of the World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Committee for Africa, the preeminent meeting on public health in Africa. During the annual gathering, the Health Ministers set the health agenda for the next 12 months.

West Africa COVID-19 deaths surge amid Ebola and other outbreaks

West Africa has recorded its highest number of COVID-19 deaths since the pandemic began as several countries grapple with outbreaks of cholera, Ebola Virus Disease and Marburg Virus Disease that threaten to further strain the already stretched emergency response capacity in the region.

Cote d’Ivoire declares first Ebola outbreak in more than 25 years

The Ministry of Health of Cote d’Ivoire today confirmed the country’s first case of Ebola since 1994. This came after the Institut Pasteur in Cote d’Ivoire confirmed the Ebola Virus Disease in samples collected from a patient, who was hospitalized in the commercial capital of Abidjan, after arriving from Guinea.

Record weekly COVID-19 deaths in Africa

Weekly COVID-19 deaths in Africa reached a record peak in the week that ended on 1 August, marking the highest seven-day toll since the onset of the pandemic in the continent, new data from the World Health Organization (WHO) shows.

COVID-19 vaccine shipments to Africa ramp up

COVID-19 vaccine shipments to Africa are rapidly ramping up from multiple sources after a near-halt to deliveries in recent months. Nearly 4 million doses from COVAX arrived in Africa last week, compared with just 245 000 doses from the facility throughout the month of June.