Feature Stories

Low donor numbers hamper Africa’s national blood services

A terrible car accident in late 2022 in Ghana’s southern Akuse town left Nana Serwaa Brakatuo in a critical condition. With a ruptured liver and blood clots in the lungs, doctors said her chances of survival were bleak, without timely and sufficient blood transfusion needed for her surgery. But thanks to blood donations from anonymous donors, family and friends, doctors were able to save her life.

Smoking ban delivers fresh air to Burkina Faso cinemas

Ouagadougou – Pierre Ouedraogo, who has worked at the Neerwaya cinema in the capital Ouagadougou for some 30 years, never tires of extolling the benefits of the ban on smoking in public places. Now his establishment offers a healthier environment for everyone, especially those with respiratory conditions, allergies or smoke sensitivity.

The ban on smoking in public places and on public transport, which has been in force for over 10 years, has made a big difference, he says.

How preparedness boosted Tanzania’s Marburg outbreak response

Mishana* was taken ill at Bujunangoma Hospital in Kagera, a region in north-western Tanzania, in mid-March. The facility had just been designated as an isolation centre for suspected cases of a then yet-to-be-confirmed outbreak of an infectious disease that had been reported in the region.