Feature Stories

Helping to break mental health care barriers in Kenya

In a previous stint as a chemistry teacher Dr Gladys Mwiti could not help but notice flagging performance among her students. She would later discover that the underachievement was largely due to unresolved trauma from poverty, domestic violence and abuse.

GAVI's contribution to the COVID-19 response to pandemic

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, has played a critical role in helping African countries secure lifesaving COVID-19 vaccines. It has also supported national efforts to maintain vaccination campaigns for other vaccine-preventable diseases during the pandemic.

Boosting medical oxygen supplies in the Democratic Republic of Congo

In her small office at University Clinics of Kinshasa, nurse Agnès Bisilwala has her eyes trained on a row of large gas cylinders. “In the past, three or four days could go by without enough medical oxygen for our COVID-19 patients in intensive care,” she says. “Many of them were unable to maintain their oxygenation and succumbed to the virus.”

Decentralized response boosts Free State Province's COVID-19 fight

Officials in the Department of Health in Free State Province in South Africa beam with pride when talking about their response to COVID-19. Leadership, innovation, and partnerships, they say, have been key to effectively tackling the pandemic and placed the province among those with the highest vaccination coverage in the country.