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Deploying data tools in Tanzania’s polio fight

Reliable data is crucial for effective disease surveillance and outbreak response. In the wake of the wild poliovirus outbreak in Malawi in February 2022, neighbouring countries stepped up surveillance to detect cases. They have also rolled out mass vaccination campaigns to protect children from the debilitating virus. In Tanzania, the use of Open Data Kit (ODK) tools is accelerating response to alerts of potential polio cases and helping to curb the virus.

Vaccinating Liberia’s vulnerable communities against COVID-19

Liberia has made headway with its COVID-19 vaccination having fully vaccinated 70% of the total eligible population since March 2021, when the vaccination programme kicked off. Robust coordination between the government and its partners, an effective COVID-19 steering committee and multiple mass vaccination campaigns have contributed to the country’s success.

Strengthening Africa’s emergency medical teams

With more than 100 public health emergencies every year – ranging from disease outbreaks to natural and human-made disasters, Africa reports the heaviest burden globally. World Health Organization (WHO) is supporting countries in the region to reinforce their emergency medical teams to improve the quality and timeliness of health services during disasters and other emergencies.

Switching from tobacco to beans farming in Kenya

Sixty-four-year-old Petalis Ouma has suffered chronic cough and chest pains. Lately, the chest pain has been worsening. He has never smoked a cigarette but cultivated tobacco for years in his home in Migori, a region in southwestern Kenya where tobacco farming is one of the primary cash crops. 

A sewage plant, surveillance and polio fight in Zambia

Environmental surveillance teams across Zambia are instrumental to the country’s polio eradication programme. Since the outbreak of wild poliovirus in Malawi in February 2022, they have stepped up efforts for early detection as five countries in south-eastern Africa bolster the drive to vaccinate children and halt the virus.

Cross border collaboration and multi country approach in the fight against polio in ...

Lilongwe - Sensitizing border communities on the occurrence of a polio case is critical to enhance vaccine uptake and stop the spread of the virus. This is the multi country approach taken in Malawi and its neighboring countries since the confirmation of a wild polio case near Lilongwe and the subsequent declaration of the polio outbreak as a public health emergency in February 17th, 2022.