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Launching of the vaccination campaign for children aged 5-11 years old in May 2022 in Mauritius

Mauritius reaches another milestone in its fight against Covid-19 by inoculating 5 to 11 years old children

Community Health Champion provide health risk messaging in hotspot locations. Photo-credit_ Kingsley_WHO

Community health champions target over 20,000 households at risk with disease prevention messages in Yobe State

Dr Charles Sagoe-Moses, WHO Representative and the Hon. Governor Bonifatius Wakudumo of the Kavango East Region in Mayana village in the Kavango East Region

Zero Malaria starts with me

The WR (fourth from left) and representatives of partners at the high table

WHO positions over 2000 health workers to tackle circulating variant poliovirus in Nigeria 

WHO and DANIDA hand over three generators to the Ministry of Health

Uganda Receives Three Generators to Power Oxygen Plants at Three Regional Referral Hospitals

Botswana’s participation at the World Health Assembly 2022