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Dr. Boris Pavlin, WHO Epidemiologist  demonstrates the use of an EWARS mobile phone during the training

With support from WHO, the Ministry of Health to rollout Mobile Phone-Based Surveillance System to every health facility in South Sudan

Dr Moeti visits a pharmaceutical plant in Algeirs, Algeria

WHO reaffirms support to improve health and well-being of Algerians

Dr Juliet Nabyonga from Inter- country Support Team for Eastern and Southern Africa making a presentation

Universal Health Coverage: leaving no one behind in the Kingdom of Eswatini

Dr. Tedros Adhanom, WHO Director General during his opening speech

A pivotal moment demanding urgent action on ‘Food Safety’: Unsafe food is unacceptable

Dr B. Ori, Director Health Services, Dr Hon. A. Husnoo, Minister of Health and Quality of Life, Dr L. Musango, WHO Representative in Mauritius and the Lord Major of the Municipal Council of Port Louis, Mr Daniel Eric Clive Laurent attending the official launching of activities in the context of the World Cancer Day 2019

WORLD CANCER DAY 2019: ‘I Am And I Will’. A Call for Personal Commitment And Action To Fight Cancer

Foot-baths in Chlorine solution are installed at all Points of Entry to prevent importation of Ebola into Uganda

Uganda Health Workers Respond Swiftly to a Suspected Ebola Death

The NRRT testing the SoPs and activation and deployment mechanisms

South Sudan conducts an Ebola Tabletop Exercise