The Work of the World Health Organization in the African Region: Report of the Regional Director

The Work of the World Health Organization in the African Region: Report of the Regional Director

This report presents the programmatic results that we have achieved through close cooperation with partners in support of countries. It has now been more than four years since the launch of the regional Transformation Agenda. The results of this reform strategy are encouraging, with clear progress in critical areas.

WHO staff are increasingly leading and institutionalizing change. We have rolled out leadership training and participating staff are enthusiastically articulating determination to lead and manage differently. Change agents across the Region are supporting their colleagues to scale initiatives to continuously improve how we work together.

Accountability and compliance with WHO rules have improved. The Secretariat is now more vigilant in preventing misuse of resources and ensuring value for money. The Region has received no unsatisfactory internal audit reports in the past four years. The Compliance and Risk Management Committee ensures our decisions are strategic, transparent and effective. Individual staff members understand the impact of their actions on the Organization and are working hard to achieve results according to agreed key performance indicators (KPIs) as part of their professional development.

Transparency and efficiency are being enhanced through online monitoring and reporting. The KPI dashboard generates information on the progress of every WHO team across the Region and facilitates timely intervention for better performance.

Our focus on achieving results is steadfast. Staffing is matched to priorities at the Regional Office and intercountry support teams (ISTs). Recently we have reinforced interaction between ISTs and directors in Brazzaville for improved oversight and stronger support to countries. We have streamlined recruitment procedures, introduced induction training for new staff, and are investing in staff development and learning.

Finally, we are reorganizing country offices to ensure they are fit for purpose to address the needs of Member States. Reviews of staff functions and profiles have been completed in 42 country offices, with 21 offices moving forward to implement approved plans. We will now work with staff to enhance skills in health systems strengthening, health security and promoting well-being, in line with the Thirteenth General Programme of Work.

The transformation of the Secretariat into a more responsive and accountable Organization is well underway. With the support of staff, Member States and partners, we will continue to work towards improving health outcomes for the one billion people of the African Region