Reproductive and Women’ Health

About the Program
The objective of the Reproductive and Women’ health (RWH) Programme area is to support Member States to attain universal coverage of Reproductive, Maternal and newborn health (RMNH).  This will be through access to cost effective interventions to reduce morbidity and mortality and improve the Family and Reproductive Health outcomes during the key stages of life including pregnancy, child birth, neonatal and post-partum. It also includes Gender mainstreaming in all policies, strategies and programmes and promote healthy and active ageing.

RWH functions and structure
The functions of the RWH are articulated along the following areas:

  • Raising awareness at high policy and political levels as well as the community level on the social and economic burdens of maternal, neonatal and reproductive  ill health and mortality including healthy and active ageing
  • Strengthening countries national capabilities for the development and application of appropriate health policies, strategies and guidelines to prevent morbidity and death as well as ensure  proper care for mothers and newborns and also addressing reproductive health needs of young people, adults and elderly
  • Reinforcing the institutional and community response to life-threatening conditions for mothers and newborns, and  promoting an integral, participatory and gender-sensitive approach to the establishment of quality basic reproductive health care for all individuals and families at all levels of the health care system including  for healthy and active ageing
  • Supporting Member States to develop and expand national programmes addressing socio-cultural aspects of family and reproductive health, including the prevention of harmful traditional practices, and the development of relevant community-based services
  • Promoting evidence-based planning and service delivery for RMNH through development of regional and national database, monitoring of health status and coverage of effective interventions and the promotion and support of operational research activities.

The RWH Program is composed of three Units:

  • Maternal and Newborn health, including the Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV (PMTCT);
  • Sexual and Reproductive health (SRH) and
  • Gender, Women’s Health and Ageing (GWH)    

Contact Details:
Dr Nkurunziza Triphonie
Regional Adviser on Reproductive and Women Health
GPN: 39132
Email: nkurunzizat [at]