Sierra Leone Malaria Control Strategic Plan (2016-2020)

This is a publication of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation 

Malaria remains a serious public health challenge causing immense morbidity and mortality in Sierra Leone. However, substantial malaria control investments have been made in the country in the last decade with much progress made over the years that has led to decline in malaria cases and deaths.

The Malaria Control Strategic Plan 2016-2020 gives direction towards the improvement of the health status of the population and the fight against poverty by reducing the burden of the disease. The plan was developed based on the recommendations of the malaria programme review 2013 and is aligned to the guiding principles of the broader National Health Sector Strategic Plan (NHSSP 2010-2015), Sierra Leone Health Recovery Plan 2015–2020, National Ebola Strategy for Sierra Leone 2015-2017 and the Basic Package of Essential Health Services 2010 (revised 2015). It defines strategies to be implemented to achieve the goals and objectives set for malaria control in Sierra Leone.