Second Edition of National Neglected Tropical Diseases Master Plan, 2016

Second Edition of National Neglected Tropical Diseases Master Plan for Ethiopia, 2016

This is a publication of the Federal Ministry of Health of Ethiopia

This National Master Plan for Ethiopia on Neglected Tropical Diseases updates and strengthens the first master plan 2013-15; integrating new developments in policy and programing; and covers planned NTD interventions that will be implemented during the period 2016–2020 across the country. The list of NTDs prioritized for intervention is trachoma, onchocerciasis, schistosomiasis, soil transmitted helminthiasis, lymphatic filariasis, podoconiosis, leishmaniasis and dracunculiasis (Guineaworm disease).
This plan is developed with the overall goal of realizing a sustainable integrated national NTD prevention, control and elimination programme. This will enable the achievement of the national NTD targets by 2020 and provide a secure platform for future endeavors. Ultimately, this will contribute to the poverty alleviation efforts of the country[5,6]. Additionally, it will contribute to the attainments of the global NTD goals since the country shoulders a considerable disease burden in several of these diseases.