Annual Report, 2014 WHO Country Office Zambia

The health sector in Zambia experienced important interventions and outcomes in 2014. A number of new initiatives and approaches were introduced to support the ongoing implementation of the National Health Strategic Plan 2011-2016. Major achievements were made, ranging from strengthening demand for health services, improvement of the quality of care, as well as strengthening coordination and partnerships. The World Health Organization (WHO) played an important role in the implementation of the Canada H4+ MNCH initiative, the EU MDGi Project, the Scale Up Nutrition project as well as implementation of the accountability framework for women and children’s health.

The main achievements scored by WHO in 2014 included provision of technical support to the risk assessment survey for yellow fever, and the development of the National Ebola Strategic response plan. The Global Fund and the GAVI HSS proposals development were effectively supported. Partnerships were also strengthened through technical support to the UNDAF, and participation in Health SWAps meetings.