WHO African Region Immunization technical advisory group - Call for nominations

The WHO Regional Offsice for Africa is soliciting proposals for nominations for current vacancies on its Regional Immunization Technical Advisory Group (RITAG).  Nominations are required to be submitted no later than 28 September 2018.  Nominations will be carefully reviewed by the RITAG membership selection panel which will propose the selection of nominees for appointment to the WHO Regional Director for Africa.

RITAG serves as the principal advisory group to the WHO Regional Office for Africa for strategic guidance on vaccines and immunization.  RITAG reports directly to the WHO Regional Director for Africa and advises the Regional Director on overall regional policies and strategies, ranging from vaccine and technology research and development, to delivery of immunization services and linkages between immunization and other health interventions.  Its remit is not restricted to childhood immunization but extends to all vaccine-preventable diseases as well as all age groups.

All members are acknowledged experts with an outstanding record of achievement in their own field and an understanding of the immunization issues covered by the RITAG.  They have a responsibility to provide WHO with high quality, well-considered advice and recommendations on matters described in the attached terms of reference.

RITAG members will represent a range of professional affiliations (i.e. academia, medical profession, clinical practice, research institutes, and governmental bodies including national immunization programmes, public health departments and regulatory authorities); and major areas of expertise (e.g. influenza control, diarrhoeal diseases, respiratory diseases, research, biologics, and safety).

Members will be selected on the basis of their qualifications, experience and ability to contribute to the accomplishment of the RITAG objectives.  Appointment of RITAG members will be made by the WHO Regional Director for Africa upon the proposal of the selection panel.  Members of the RITAG are appointed to serve for an initial term of three years, renewable once.  Consideration is given to ensuring appropriate geographical representation and gender balance.

RITAG normally meets twice a year rotating between the WHO Regional Office in Brazzaville, Congo and a country in the region.  In addition, members may be asked to contribute to RITAG working groups, and will be fully engaged in the preparation of each meeting.

Please submit your nominations along with a letter of support by e-mail to ritag [at] who.int.  Self-nominations as well as nominations suggested by third party individuals or organizations will be accepted.  Nominees will be asked to confirm their interest, availability and commitment to serve on RITAG, to provide a curriculum vitae, a letter of motivation highlighting what their contribution to RITAG could be, and a completed declaration of interests form before their nomination will be considered by the selection panel.

Please share this request with anyone who may be interested in nominating an individual to serve as a member of this Group.