Recovering from Coronavirus – Doctor Elia shares his story

Recovering from Coronavirus – Doctor Elia shares his story

Doctor Elia, a male vicenarian, breathes with ease while reciting his account to staff from the World Health Organisation (WHO) in November 2020 at Walvis Bay, Namibia.

Despite being racked with pain from a piercing headache, labored breathing, a sore throat, along with high fever - all symptoms of the Coronavirus infection - Doctor Elia appears content and has a positive attitude amidst the pandemic.

Doctor Elia says:  “When you are possibly carrying a deadly virus, such as Corona, there is no margin for error. Hence, the safest thing to do is to adopt a bullish outlook while staying at home”.

The symptoms
It started approximately at around noon in July 2020, two days after treating a hyperglycemia patient who had tested positive from Coronavirus. Doctor Elia began to suddenly feel feverish and, by the evening, his body temperature was high.

 Doctor Elia adds:  “Contrary to the patient whom I had treated, and who recuperated from the virus, I felt extremely exhausted, endured nasal congestion and experienced loss of smell”.

Evidently it was clear that Doctor Elia needed to be swabbed and, results proved that he indeed had contracted the virus.  Consequently, he had to immediately self-isolate at home and commence the healing process.

Doctor Elia advises:  “Taking care of your mind, as well as your body, is key if you are staying at home because of Coronavirus.  Staying at home, equally with adhering to other health pandemic rules, may be inconvenient.  However, you are helping to protect yourself and others by doing it”.

Support from stakeholders
Coronavirus can have a huge impact on people affected.  Therefore, both public and private health sectors must do everything they can to support people who are still suffering with effects on their health.
Doctor Elia confirmed that he received “recovery services” that improved his health and, which continue to aid in the fight against the Coronavirus global pandemic. 

Doctor Elia reports: “The narrative of healthcare workers being heroes has undeniably been fundamentally helpful.  WHO, jointly with the Namibian Ministry of Health and Social Services, has done well by implementing specialist hospital care for acutely ill Coronavirus patients. These measures, for instance quarantine facilities and psychosocial support, have responded sensitively and effectively to patient needs”.

Helping to fight Coronavirus
After being isolated for three weeks, Doctor Elia is back at work and continues helping the local government to fight the virus. Additionally, together with the other health workers across the country, he is assisting local officials with their incident command system, alongside preparing and setting guidelines throughout the pandemic. 

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