Rapid response to new Ebola infection in Bombali, Sierra Leone

WHO is helping Sierra Leone to mobilize all its experience and partners to ensure that any new cases of Ebola are investigated and transmission of the disease stopped as rapidly as possible. Sad news that a 16-year old girl had died from Ebola in Bombali district, a part of the country that had a large outbreak 6 months ago, sparked an immediate inter-agency rapid response. Partners sent people with the skills and equipment needed to stop further infection in Bombali.

Pa Kprr Thullah, a ceremonial chief in Robuya village, Bombali, is worried and angry. He and 20 members of his family are now quarantined in their home after his 16-year-old niece died of Ebola on Sunday, 13 September 2015, sparking fears of a new flare-up in the district.

Ebola and quarantine are not new to this village but everyone had hoped the epidemic which raged through Bombali district 5 months ago was gone for good. Not only did Pa Kprr Thullah hope the worst was over, he also never thought the virus would hit his own household.

"Ebola is clearly still a problem and the fact that I’m speaking to you from behind this barrier, is proof that this sickness is not done with Salone (Sierra Leone) until we all, everywhere, stop thinking that it won't come back." he said. Read More

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