Eritrea success story in the areas of HIV, TB and Malaria programs

Eritrea success story in the areas of HIV, TB and Malaria programs

Government of the state of Eritrea has made a profound progress on the three programs of communicable diseases control program namely HIV, TB and Malaria, which emphasizes the value they place on ensuring health for all populations. The HIV, TB and Malaria programs are among the successful programs in the Ministry of Health, Eritrea which have shown marked reduction trends in morbidity and mortality throughout the past years.

It is important to note that the MOH with support from various partners and UN Agencies has made remarkable strides in developing and implementing the five-year health sector strategic development plan, 2017-2021 anchored on SDGs especially SDG3 focusing on Universal Health Coverage.

The political leadership and commitment to life saving interventions in Eritrea has been instrumental in coordinating stakeholder and partner participation for all health interventions.

Program areas of HIV, TB and Malaria have made marked achievements and are in progress towards elimination especially HIV and Malaria. These major achievements, therefore places high expectations on the country for the diseases to be eliminated within the next ten years.

During the course of the program implementation, the programs have been regularly reviewing their performance and aligning their strategic plans to feed into current global guidelines, research and survey results and new technologies.

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