Health crisis in North-East Nigeria
Rules of Health
Fighting the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone
Testimony of Matu Kamara, Ebola Survivor from Sierra Leone
Sensibiliser le Public sur la Résistance Antimicrobienne
Mondialisation de la lutte contre la Résistance Antimicrobienne
Interviews: 01. "La lutte est mondiale" Dr Martha Ghyansa-Lutterodt Directrice des Services Pharmaceutiques - Ghana 02. RAM & Systèmes de Santé Dr Frode Forland Chef du Programme Santé Mondiale Institut de Santé Publique - Norvège
Résistance Antimicrobienne
Partners Support in the Fight Against Antimicrobial Resistance
Interviews: 1. "Being Involved" Dr Tewabech Bishaw Secretary General  African Federation of Public Health Associations - Ethiopia   2. "NGOs are key partners" Dr Mirfin M. Mpundu Executive Director Ecumenical Pharmaceutical Network - Kenya 
Raising Public Awareness on Antimicrobial Resistance
Fighting Antimicrobial Resistance Globally
Interviews: 1. "Countries are committed" Dr  Martha Ghyansa-Lutterodt Director of Pharmaceurical Services – Ghana   2. "Building strong health systems’" Dr Frode FORLAND Head of Global Health Preparedness Programme Public Health Institute - Norway
Antimicrobial Resistance
Interviews: 1. "The threat is real" Dr Waogodo Joseph Cabore Director of Programme Management WHO Regional Office for Africa   2. "AMR Plan of Action Dr Donatien Bigirimana Human Resources & Patient Safety Focal Point - WHO/Burundi   3. "The Plan of Action will be…
Video: Collaboration Between Traditional Health Practitioners and Conventional Health Practitioners