1st International Conference on PEN-Plus in Africa (ICPPA 2024)


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The ICPPA provides an important platform to explore collaborative opportunities to align the PEN-Plus initiative with other existing public health programmes in the region. Participants include high-level policymakers, global and regional experts, development partners, private sector representatives, civil society organizations and NCDs focal points from Ministries of Health across countries in the region.

​​​​ICPPA 2024 Tracks

​​​​​​​ICPPA 2024 Tracks

Track 1

Ending the Neglect of Noncommunicable Diseases (NCDs) across the life course in Africa

Track 2

Policy Frameworks and Strategies for Integrating NCD Interventions in Primary Health Care (PHC): from WHO PEN to PEN-Plus

Track 3

PEN-Plus Unveiled: Pioneering Regional Strategies, Opportunities, and Frontiers

Track 4

Engage, Empower, Excel: Community-Centric and Person-Centered NCD Care for All

Track 5

Rising to the challenge of NCDs financing in Africa

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Conference Provisional Agenda

Day 1
Tuesday, 23 April

  • Introduction of distinguished guests, overview of the objectives of the conference, welcome addresses, goodwill messages, setting the scene: “The Promise of PEN-Plus and the Price of Inaction”, and keynotes
  • Ceremony Celebrating First Ladies in Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs)
Plenary 1: Ending the Neglect of Noncommunicable Diseases (NCDs) across the life course in Africa:
  • Presentation: NCDs in the African region: Epidemiology, Trends, Challenges and Opportunities
  • Presentation: Severe NCDs affecting children, adolescents, and young adults in the African region: A focus on type I diabetes, rheumatic heart disease, and sickle cell disease
  • Strategic Dialogue: “How Can an Equity-Driven Agenda Raise the Priority of NCDs in Our Countries?”
Plenary 2: Policy Frameworks and Strategies for Integrating NCD Interventions in Primary Health Care (PHC): from WHO PEN to PEN plus:
  • Presentation: WHO's PEN and PEN-Plus Approach to Address Evolving NCD Challenges
  • Presentation: Integrating NCD Interventions in Primary Health Care and the PEN-Plus Regional Strategy
  • Panel Discussion: Integration of NCD Service Delivery at PHC and First-Level Referral Hospitals

Day 2
Tuesday, 24 April

Plenary 3: PEN Plus Unveiled: Pioneering Regional Strategies, Opportunities, and Frontiers
  • Presentation: PEN-Plus implementation experiences successes and challenges
  • Panel Discussion: Experiences and Challenges for PEN-Plus Initiation and Implementation
  • Panel Discussion: Lessons from PEN-Plus implementation across the WHO building blocks
  • Presentation: From evidence to action for data on NCDs
  • Scientific Session:  Themed Abstracts presentations 
Plenary 4: Engage, Empower, Excel: Community-Centric and Person- Centered NCD Care for All
  • Presentation: NCDs in emergencies: ensuring continuation of essential services especially for severe NCDs
  • Panel discussion: Lived experience from patient’s perspective
  • Panel discussion: Building an Advocacy Coalition for a Shared African Voice for Severe NCDs

Call for abstracts


The maiden annual International Conference on PEN-Plus in Africa (ICPPA) on chronic and severe non-communicable diseases provides a unique opportunity for health care leaders and scientist in Africa and beyond to reflect on non-communicable disease prevention and management, and lessons learnt within the integrated health system to forge a way forward to create more resilient and sustainable health systems for chronic and severe NCDs intervention in Africa.

The WHO African Regional office in collaboration with the Helmsley Charitable Trust (HCT) and their partners is convening in Dar es Salaam from 23-25 April 2024 to show the progress made and work done in non-communicable diseases in Africa and beyond. This conference will showcase new knowledge and health products in integrated NCDs delivery to help build a strong and resilient health system to reduce the burden of NCDs in Africa.​​​​​​​

  • Call for Abstracts: February 02, 2024
  • Deadline for Abstract Submission: February 23, 2024
  • Notification of Abstract Acceptance: March 08th, 2024
  • Authors Registration Deadline: March 22nd, 2024

There is a limited number of scholarships available to cover travel and accommodation expenses. The scholarship will be awarded to individuals based on quality of abstracts submitted.

Decisions about scholarships would be made by the end of February 2024 prior to the Conference. Abstract authors whose abstracts are selected to receive a scholarship will be notified in March 2024 via email. If your abstract is selected, you will have 2 days to confirm your participation in case you are not granted the award of scholarship.

When will I get response for the abstract I have submitted?

Applicants will be notified of their abstract acceptance by 08 March 2024 and must confirm participation within a week of notification.

Can I make edits to my abstract submission?

No, you cannot make edits to an abstract once it has been submitted. However, in the event that your work has undergone significant changes after acceptance, those changes should be included and highlighted in the abstract presentation.

Can I still submit an abstract after the deadline?

No, abstracts will not be accepted past the official due date. However, we encourage you to submit your abstract for consideration next year.

Do abstract presented need to attend and present in-person at the conference?

Yes, abstract presenters are expected to attend the conference in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in person, if selected to give an oral or poster presentation.

Who can I contact for questions concerning my abstract submission?

For other inquiries or questions about your specific submission, please reach out to ICPPA2024abstracts@who.int, and include your submission ID, and the name and email of the one who submitted the abstract.

Side events

What are the ICPPA side events?

ICPPA 2024 offers a unique opportunity for  captivating side events in line with the themes of the conference.  More to come on ICPPA side events and themes.

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