Planning, Budgeting, Monitoring & Evaluation

The Planning, Budgeting, Monitoring & Evaluation Unit enables effective and efficient implementation of the WHO managerial framework by supporting planning, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation processes, through the development of regional policies, systems, tools and services in line with regional strategic and operational guidance.

Overall Objective of the Unit is to ensure that the WHO Programme Budget and operational plans in the Region are developed, implemented, monitored and evaluated in line with the organization's guidelines and standards, to ensure delivery of results and address, by each Budget Centre, priorities and needs in countries.

Major Functions of AF/PBM unit are to:

  • Provide technical support and guidance to Clusters at Regional Office, Inter Country Support Teams and WHO Country Offices in strategic and operational planning processes;
  • Build the capacity, through organizing training, developing tools and aids, and coaching of staff in the Region in result-based planning, monitoring and evaluation;
  • Facilitate the preparation of the regional Programme Budget allocations and managing the regional budget in the General Ledger;
  • Support performance monitoring and assessment through Periodic reporting, i.e. Semi Annual Monitoring (SAM), Mid-Term Review (MTR), End of Biennium Assessment (EoB); and foster a culture of evaluation by facilitating programmatic and thematic evaluation at the regional and country level; and
  • Provide support to WHO/AFRO regional, Inter-country and country programmes for efficient budget implementation.