Polio Eradication in the African Region (2023 highlights of the outbreak response).

Polio Eradication Efforts (2023 highlights of the polio response in Africa).

In August 2020, the African Region accomplished an extraordinary milestone by achieving the certification as free of indigenous wild poliovirus. This remarkable achievement came after years of dedicated efforts, and the region has remained steadfast in its commitment to eradicating all forms of polio, safeguarding children from the devastating effects of paralysis and death.

This brochure reflects on the work done to eradicate polio in the African region; WHO AFRO is implementing a comprehensive set of prevention and response activities including enhancing routine immunization, implementing supplementary immunization activities, building human resource capacity, providing technical support, strengthening surveillance activities, and improving data and information management (Including the use of geospatial technologies).

In addition, WHO is leveraging the existing polio structures and assets to support other crucial public health priorities particularly enhancing vaccine-preventable disease surveillance, strengthening routine immunization, and increasing response capacity for other epidemic-prone diseases.