7 Warning Signs of Cancer

The awareness of early signs and symptoms for cancer types such as skin, cervical, breast, colorectal and oral in order to get them diagnosed and treated at early stage is important.

Some warning signs of cancer are below:

Warning signs         What to look for
Unusual bleeding/discharge         
Blood in urine or stool
Discharge from any parts of your body, for example nipples, penis, etc.
A sore which does not heal         Sores that:
don't seem to be getting better over time
are getting bigger
getting more painful
are starting to bleed
Change in bowel or bladder habits         
Changes in the colour, consistency, size, or shape of stools. (diarrhoea, constipated)
Blood present in urine or stool
Lump in breast or other part of the body         
Any lump found in the breast when doing a self examination.
Any lump in the scrotum when doing a self exam.
Other lumps found on the body.
Nagging cough         
Change in voice/hoarseness
Cough that does not go away
Sputum with blood
Obvious change in moles         Use the ABCD RULE
Asymmetry: Does the mole look the same in all parts or are there differences?
Border: Are the borders sharp or ragged?
Colour: What are the colours seen in the mole?
Diameter: Is the mole bigger than a pencil eraser (6mm)?
Difficulty in swallowing
Feeling of pressure in throat or chest which makes swallowing uncomfortable
Feeling full without food or with a small amount of food