Forging a path to universal healthcare

In 2018, 60-year-old James Kimeu Mulei suffered a badly broken ankle that left him unable to walk after a violent attack. A few years previously, this story could well have ended with a permanent injury that restricted Mulei’s ability to work and live a full life. 

Quitting tobacco farming to improve health

Dr Francis Manyinza, a senior clinician at the Migori County Referral Hospital in southwestern Kenya, wasn’t surprised when lifelong tobacco farmer Petalis Ouma sought medical care for his chronic cough and ever-worsening chest pains. 

Reginald Omulo, Bean Farmer

Reginald Omulo, a farmer in Migori County, Kenya, noticed that the tobacco farming his community practiced was affecting families’ health and well-being.

Kenya launches road safety initiative to reduce crashes

Press Statement: Kenyan Government, World Health Organization, Bloomberg Philanthropies 
launch new initiative to reduce road crash deaths


Road traffic crashes are a top-five cause of death for Kenyans between the ages of five and 70, and the leading killer of boys aged 15-19.

Kenyan lab boosting Africa’s genome surveillance

Kilifi, Kenya – Amid the soft purr of the air conditioner and glinting LED screens, laboratory technicians inside a sprawling facility on the Kenyan coast peer into test tubes and pore through spreadsheets, hard at work to help propel Africa’s efforts to monitor and detect COVID-19 variants and boost pandemic response.

Launch of tobacco-free farms in Kenya

Hundreds of farmers in Migori County, Kenya will break free from risky tobacco farming and transition to producing more sustainable crops, through the Tobacco-Free Farms Project being launched today.