Building a results-driven WHO workplan in Tanzania

Dar es Salaam, 7- 8 August 2017: In WHO, accountability for results and resources are reflected in the workplans. A “good” workplan must be robust, results-driven and meaningful for the country and the organization. Results-driven planning reflects the vision articulated in the Transformation Agenda which aims at facilitating the emergence of “the WHO that the staff and stakeholders want”.

WHO is currently engaged in the outlining exercise as a critical stage in the operational planning for the 2018-19 Biennium. The outlining exercise requires the Country Office to critically think about how the team’s work will contribute to achieving the programme budget outputs and what needs to be delivered by the organization as a whole.

This exercise was preceded by an orientation on Results Based Management, Results Driven Workplan and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Concluding the two days’ review and discussions on the consolidated WCO outline, Dr. Kamwa, the WHO Representative said, “it is important that our workplan clearly reflects meaningful and measurable WHO contribution towards the National Health priorities and Sustainable Development Goals. A results-driven workplan forms a solid base for us to work together as a team to deliver!”

Once the outlining is completed, the next step for the team is drafting. This involves fine-tuning the defined workplan to ensure that outlined products are tangible, observable, achievable and time bound.

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