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Combatting Yellow Fever Outbreak in South Sudan: Urgent Push Towards Immunization

In response to a Yellow Fever outbreak in December 2023, the Ministry of Health, supported by the World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF and other partners, conducted a yellow fever vaccination campaign in Western Equatoria State. The campaign targeted Yambio, Nzara, Ibba, Ezzo, and Tambura Counties, reaching 465 798 persons with the lifesaving vaccine.

Delivering over 50 metric tons of medical supplies to the Blue Nile and Nuba Mountai...

The ongoing crisis in Sudan has significantly impeded the ability of the WHO office in Sudan to access and deliver essential emergency medical supplies to the regions of the Blue Nile and Nuba Mountains.

Due to the limited access and operational capacity in Sudan, the WHO Country Office in Sudan collaborated with WHO South Sudan office to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian commodities from South Sudan and provide the necessary support.

Celebrating female drivers delivering healthcare services in South Sudan

Juba, 8 March 2024 – In South Sudan, driving has traditionally been perceived as a male-only profession. However, this stereotype has been challenged by three inspirational female drivers; Lucia Khamis, Jokudu Rejoice and Inna Medina - who are passionately dedicated to serving underserved communities by delivering healthcare nationwide.

Lucia Khamis, the first female driver at WHO South Sudan, said, "Women can accomplish anything that men can do." Despite the challenges she faces, Lucia takes great pride in contributing to the welfare of her community.

Vaccinating 3.1 million Children to control polio outbreak in South Sudan

Juba, 27 February 2024 – Today, South Sudan launched a nationwide polio campaign aiming at vaccinating 3.1 million children using the novel oral polio vaccine type 2.

The novel oral polio vaccine type 2 has been designed to provide safe and reliable protection against poliovirus and is genetically more stable than the previous oral polio vaccine types. This means that it has the potential to be a game-changer in preventing new outbreaks of type 2 circulating variant-polio viruses (cVDPV2).

South Sudan Launches Yellow Fever Vaccination Campaign to halt outbreak in Western E...

Yambio, 13 February 2024 – In response to the confirmed outbreak of yellow fever on 24 December 2023, with two laboratory-confirmed cases identified in Western Equatoria State, the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF, and other partners, has initiated a reactive Yellow Fever vaccination campaign as part of preventive response intervention.

Strengthening Multisectoral Approach towards ending Rabies in South Sudan

South Sudan celebrated the 2023 World Rabies Day under the theme "All For One, One Health For All" to eliminate Rabies by 2030, as per the 2021-2025 South Sudan Health Sector Strategic Plan. The celebration was held in Aweil, Northern Bahr el Ghazal State, where over 5000 people, including dog owners, participated.

Emergency health services offer relief to South Sudanese returnees

Juba ‒ Aboja Malual Chol lives in a transit centre for South Sudanese returnees who have fled the conflict in neighbouring Sudan. Living conditions in the centre near Palouch airport in Melut County in northern South Sudan are tough for its 6000 residents who are awaiting to travel to other parts of the country. 

Responding to a Suspected Viral Hemorrhagic Fever Outbreak in Remote Dajo: Lessons ...

In the wake of a concerning development, authorities in Longochuk County, Upper Nile State, reported a series of fatalities on 15 May 2023, believed to be linked to a suspected viral hemorrhagic fever outbreak in the secluded villages of Dajo and Pacime. Patients displayed concerning symptoms, including fever, headache, and diarrhea, with many cases reported among children.