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    Data & Statistics

    Total population (2015) 11,610,000
    Gross national income per capita (PPP international $, 2013) 1
    Life expectancy at birth m/f (years, 2015) 61/71
    Probability of dying under five (per 1 000 live births, 0) n/a
    Probability of dying between 15 abd 60 years m/f (per 1 000 population, 2013) 313/152
    Total expenditure on health per capita (Intl $, 2014) 125
    Total expenditure on health as % of GDP (2014) 7.5

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    Country Health Topics

    The Rwanda country health profiles provide an overview of the situation and trends of priority health problems and the health systems profile, including a description of institutional frameworks, trends in the national response, key issues and challenges. They promote evidence-based health policymaking through a comprehensive and rigorous analysis of the dynamics of the health situation and health system in the country.

    The profiles are updated on a periodic basis. Currently, Health Topics data is not available.

    Additional Info

    The overall goal of the One UN initiative in Rwanda is to improve programme delivery and results through a more coherent and better coordinated, funded and managed UN. This overall goal will guide all decisions taken by the United Nations Country Team (UNCT) to move this agenda forward.

    Dr Margaret Chan, Director-General of the World Health Organization, announced at the 60th World Health Assembly that the Organization is "participating fully in the eight 'One UN' pilot projects".

    One UN pilot initiative

    United Nations in Rwanda

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    Rwanda Office Contact

    The WHO Representative to Rwanda is Dr Brian Chirombo

    KG 7 Ave 51, Ebenezer House, Boulevard of Umuganda
    P.O. Box 1324, Kigali, Rwanda

    Tel: (Reception) + 250 788307870
    (International D/L) +47 241 35201
    E-mail: afwcorw [at]