Covid-19 Vaccination critical in ending the pandemic

Mapangano Jeremiah, a truck driver from Nkope in Mangochi, crisscrosses the borders of Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and South Africa as part of his work. Recently, he received his third Covid-19 vaccine during the recent nationwide vaccination campaign supported by the WHO in February 2024. Having experienced the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic firsthand, Mapangano reflects on the loss of many friends and the profound impact it had on his life.

Malawi curbs cholera through enhanced outbreak control

Lilongwe ‒ Although Malawi continues to record only sporadic cholera cases, with just an average of 10 cases a week as of January 2024 compared with close to 700 cases per week at the peak of the outbreak in January 2023 – infection control measures are being applied rigorously to further curb the disease, save lives and avert a flare-out.

Malawi ‘s ratification of WHO’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control comes into e...

Lilongwe, 16 November 2023 ‒ Today the Government of Malawi’s ratification of the World Health Organization (WHO)’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) came into effect. With this historic decision, Malawi joins a community of 182 other Parties to the Convention, affirming the country’s high-level political commitment to combatting the global tobacco epidemic and prioritizing public health and well-being. 

Malawi Takes Bold Steps to Combat Cholera Through Multisectoral Strategy

Malawi is the first country in Africa to utilize the recently updated Global Task Force for Cholera Control tool to identify priority areas for multi-sectoral interventions (PAMIs, also called hotspots) for cholera control. A timely approach as the country embarks on a roadmap to develop a multi-sectoral cholera control strategy.

First ever Emergency Medical Team in Malawi helped in saving lives

On 5th August 2023, Ministry of Health with support from World Health Organization deployed the first ever national 12-member Emergency Medical Team (EMT) to Chikwawa District. This team was trained in two sessions held in April and June 2023 as part of preparedness for public health emergencies.

Malawi undergoing National Cholera Outbreak Review

The Ministry of Health has convened a National After-Action Review AAR meeting to reflect on the response to the recent Cholera outbreak. The aim of the review is to share lessons, challenges, and document best practices to improve public health emergency response.