Strengthening Partnerships to End AIDS in Children

Strengthening Partnerships to End AIDS in Children

Angola is facing a generalised epidemic of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), with sexual transmission being the main form of spread. According to the Multiple Health Indicator Survey, the prevalence rate in the general population aged 15 to 49 is 2 per cent higher in women than in men.

The HIV epidemic is mainly concentrated in urban areas and has a higher prevalence and incidence in the east and south of the country, which includes the province of Lunda Norte. The 7th National HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan (PEN7) considers Lunda Norte one of the five priority provinces for accelerating and strengthening joint monitoring, technical support and supervision. In this context, under the leadership of the National Institute for the Fight Against AIDS (INLS), the secretariat of the United Nations Joint HIV/AIDS Team (UNAIDS) together with WHO, UNHCR, UNICEF, UNODC, UNFPA, PEPFAR and partners from Civil Society Organisations (Mwana Pow, ACADEJ, ANASO and MWENHO) will be carrying out a mission to Lunda Norte province from 10 to 11 June for advocacy and awareness-raising meetings.

The purpose of the visit is to disseminate and ensure support for the implementation of the VII National Strategic Plan for the Response to HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis and Other Sexually Transmitted Infections, intending to strengthen, above all, HIV prevention and treatment actions among young people, exposed children and children living with HIV, seeking to contribute to enhancing the integration of primary care and services, strengthening Sexual and Reproductive Health services and reducing the determinants of gender-based violence.

The mission will include a visit to the Lôvua Settlement Clinic, advocacy meetings with the Governor of the province, the Provincial Directorate of Health, as well as representatives of civil society and the private sector on the state of HIV/AIDS prevention looking particularly at the Mother-to-Child Transmission Programme, and antiretroviral prevention and treatment services for children, adolescents and young people, and members of the critical population.

This mission aims to strengthen prevention actions within the framework of the Global Alliance to End AIDS in Children and the Global Prevention Coalition to ensure support for implementing PEN7.

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