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Algeria’s main lab anchors COVID-19 response

When a sample sent to the referral laboratory in the capital Algiers gave a positive result, the Ministry of Health announced Algeria’s first COVID-19 case on 26 February, becoming the second African country to confirm the virus. Since then, dozens of people have caught the infection. Unlike years past, it now takes just two hours to analyse such specimen. In addition to speed, the laboratory is also striving to ensure testing integrity – an important cog in the efforts to halt the spread of COVID-19.

Algeria’s COVID-19 hotline props up rapid response

Leaning over desks with hands-free headsets hugging veils or bare heads, a team of doctors answers seemingly endless phone calls. Hundreds of worried callers ring every day to seek advice on how to stay safe, understand the symptoms or find out if the flu they are battling is indeed the new COVID-19. 

A second COVID-19 case is confirmed in Africa

The Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform of Algeria has reported the country’s first case of COVID-19. Health authorities report that tests indicate that an Italian adult, who arrived in the country on 17 February 2020 has tested positive for coronavirus disease.