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Call made for Leaders for a TB free Zimbabwe

Minister for Health, Hon. Ummy Mwalimu, witnessing a child taking the new child-friendly TB medicine

Tanzania launches new TB medicine formulation for children

Some dignitaries present at the Function

Ghana launches 2018 World TB Day Celebrations

Mr Maniego making a presentation on Personal Security Awareness

WHO conducts Safe and Secure Approaches in Field Environments (SSAFE) training

People wearing personal protective equipment

WHO: Nigeria’s Lassa fever outbreak is slowing, but remains a concern

Dr. Lastone Chitembo, HIV/AIDS/TB Advisor at WHO visiting the Society for Family Health exhibition stand where HIV self testing was promoted.

Zambia commemorates World TB Day and calls upon leaders at all levels to accelerate TB control efforts.

The Honorable Minister casting his "End TB in Nigeria" vote during the Ministerial press briefing to commemorate the World TB Day 2018

Nigeria unanimously ‘votes’ to end scourge of tuberculosis as the World commemorates 2018 TB Day.