Consultant: Development and presentation of Immunization Act implementation Regulations

Uganda has made tremendous gains in increasing access to immunization up to 80% uptake. However, there are still a number of challenges facing the immunization program that require policy and budget attention, as a result, the government developed an immunization Act in 2016 to provide a strategic direction. The Act is to provide compulsory immunization of children, women of reproductive age and other target groups against immunizable diseases and to establish the immunization fund and to provide for other incidental matters.
For effective implementation of the immunization Act 2017, provision 26 of the Act mandates the Minister by statutory instrument to make regulations. To that effect, Ministry of Health (MOH) with support from partners will develop the regulations through a consultative process. A series of activities will be undertaken including a retreat to develop the regulations, a stakeholder meeting to review the draft of the regulations, and lastly a presentation will be made to top management at MOH and to the Hon. Minister for endorsement. In order to execute all the described activities, WHO will hire a consultant who will facilitate the entire process until a final draft of the regulations is developed and endorsed by Ministry of Health.


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