Mahen Sandrasagren is Director, General Management and Coordination in the WHO Africa Regional Office.  Previously (from 2013 to 2020), he was Coordinator of Global Talent Management leading a team with responsibility for career development and learning, organizational design and global staffing and planning. He joined WHO in 2003 as Manager of the Management Support Unit, with responsibility for human resources management, planning and performance monitoring, financial resources management, IT support and infrastructure and logistics. From 2010 to 2013, he was Coordinator of the Human Resources Unit in charge of recruitment. 

An accomplished senior administration professional with significant hands-on experience in diverse international organizations with different mandates and in different locations worldwide, Mr Sandrasagren began his career with the International Maritime Organization's Headquarters in London in 1982 in the finance and project management area. In 1989 he transferred to the World Maritime University in Malmö, Sweden, where he held responsibility for Human Resources and Finance. He joined the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in 1994, where he occupied several senior administrative positions in the field dealing with crises in Rwanda, Albania and the Russian Federation.

A native of Mauritius, Mr Sandrasagren holds a degree in Accounting for Management and Applied Economics and a Masters in Leading Innovation and Change.  His experiences in the administration of several organizations at the cluster and global levels and postings in crisis situations give him an in-depth knowledge of the challenges and opportunities for change within the human resources and administration areas.