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Library Databases


Two databases are managed by the Library:

AFROLIB: Afrolib is the WHO, Regional Office for Africa (AFRO) library database on the Web. It indexes WHO/AFRO technical documents, monographs and some African medical articles. Access AFROLIB Database

AIM: is an international index to African health literature and information sources published or related to Africa. Access AIM Database.

An Infodigest (awareness bulletin) is published monthly to share information with the users (Access all Infodigest bulletins).


The WHO/AFRO Library maintains a collection of materials published by WHO/AFRO. Other materialssent by the Headquaters in Geneva and the WHO Regions. Non WHO publications are also acquired. These materials are recorded in AFROLib database. AFRO Library compiles progressively the documents of the WHO/AFRO Regional Committees. The collection contains also some periodicals and CD-ROMs.

Destaque Publicações

rds-report-2010-pt-tnActividades da OMS na Região Africana 2010
Relatório Anual do Director Regional [pdf 1.3Mb]


reaching-mdgs-tnTowards reaching the health-related millennium development goals: progress report and the way forward
Report of the Regional Director [pdf 6MB]


strat-15-ptPara Alcançar o Desenvolvimento Sustentável da Saude na Região Africana:
Orientações Estratégicas para a OMS, 2010-2015
[pdf 1.1Mb]

rd-report-2008-2009_afr_rc60_2_1_poActividades da OMS na Região Africana 2008-2009
Relatório Bienal do Director Regional
[pdf 3.3Mb]