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Disease Outbreak News 2 May 2016

On 8 April 2016, the National IHR Focal Point of Uganda notified WHO of an outbreak of Yellow Fever (YF) in Masaka district, south of Kampala. 

An alert concerning a suspected outbreak of viral haemorrhagic fever in Kaloddo village, Masaka district was initially sent on 26 March. A cluster of three cases from a single family was reported after patients presented with high-grade fever, were non-responsive to anti-malarial treatment with haemorrhaging signs and acute neurological signs (convulsions and unconsciousness). 

From 28 March to 1 April, a rapid response team (RRT) was deployed to carry out investigation and response activities. The RRT confirmed the deaths, activated the district task force, set up a treatment facility in Masaka, and collected and referred samples to the Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI) for laboratory testing. In addition, the team used a case definition for haemorrhagic fevers and proceeded to carry out active case search to identify additional suspected cases. 

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Disease Outbreak News 2 May 2016

On 22 March 2016, the National IHR Focal Point of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) notified WHO of cases of Yellow Fever (YF) in connection with the outbreak currently occurring in Angola (see DON posted 13 April 2016).

From early January to 22 March, a total of 453 suspect cases of YF, including 45 deaths were reported by the national surveillance system. 

Further investigations identified 41 cases potentially related to the Angola outbreak. These cases were confirmed by laboratory testing at the Institute National of Biomedical Research (INRB) in Kinshasa. Of these 41 cases, 16 have also been confirmed by the regional reference laboratory, Pasteur Institute (IP) in Dakar: 13 of the cases were detected in Kongo Central province (formerly Bas-Congo) and 3 cases reported from Kinshasa. Kongo Central province shares a long, porous border with Angola.

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Disease Outbreak News 13 April 2016

On 21 January 2016, the National IHR Focal Point of Angola notified WHO of an outbreak of yellow fever (YF). The first case with onset date on 5 December 2015 was identified in Viana municipality, Luanda province. 

As of 7 April 2016, a total of 1,708 suspected cases, including 238 deaths (CFR: 13.9%), had been reported from 16 of the country’s 18 provinces. Luanda remains the most affected province with 1,135 cases (405 confirmed), including 165 deaths (CFR: 14. 5%). The other most affected provinces are Huambo (266 suspected cases, 37 deaths), Huila (95 suspected cases, 16 deaths) and Benguela (51 suspected cases, 0 deaths). Between 6 and 7 April, 30 new suspected cases, including 4 deaths, were reported across the country – 19 of these suspected cases and 2 of the reported deaths came from Luanda.

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Disease outbreak news 06 April 2016

Between 15 and 18 March 2016, the National IHR Focal Point of Kenya notified WHO of 2 imported cases of yellow fever (YF).

Both cases are male Kenyan nationals, in their early 30s, working in Luanda, Angola. Both travelled while symptomatic and none were vaccinated against yellow fever prior to traveling to Angola.

The first case developed symptoms on 8 March in Luanda and travelled to Kenya on 12 March. At his arrival, he was hospitalized in a private clinic in Nairobi and was later referred to another health care facility. The patient died after experiencing multi-organ failure.

The second case presented symptoms on 1 March in Luanda, and flew back to Kenya on 7 March. He went to his home town (Namanga) on the Kenyan-Tanzanian Border. He returned to Nairobi to seek treatment on 11 March where he was hospitalised. The patient was treated and has since recovered and been discharged.

Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) were performed on samples of both cases by the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI). RT-PCR was negative for the two cases; however, samples from both cases tested positive for anti-YF IgM antibody. Plaque reduction neutralization test (PRNT) is currently being conducted.

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Disease outbreak news 11 April 2016

On 22 March 2016, the National IHR Focal Point of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) notified WHO of cases of yellow fever (YF) in connection with the outbreak currently occurring in Angola.

From early January to 22 March 2016, a total of 151 suspected cases of YF, including 21 deaths (CFR: 14%), were reported by the national surveillance system. Of the 151 suspected cases, 9 were confirmed by serology (IgM) at the Institute National Biomedical Research (INRB) in Kinshasa. Given possible cross-reactions with other arboviruses, IgM positive samples were sent to the Pasteur Institute of Dakar for confirmation where 4 tested positive for the infection. Of the 4 cases confirmed in Dakar, 3 were imported from Angola and were detected in the areas of Nsona-Pangu, Kimpese and Kitona in Kongo Central province (formerly, Bas-Congo), DRC. This province shares borders with Angola. 

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