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Leprosy Control in the WHO African Region Meeting of National Programme Managers and Partners, Brazzaville, Congo, 22-24 June 2010
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Report of the Ninth Annual Meeting of Programme Managers for Lymphatic Filariasis Elimination Programme, Bamako, Mali, 10–14 May 2010
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icon Report of the Fifth Consultative Meeting on Leishmania/HIV Coinfection, Ethiopia, 20–22 March 2007 [827.8 kB]

WHO Praziquantel Annual Supply Cycle

 Manual Preventive Chemoptherapy in Human Helminthiasis

 Manuscript of Neglected Tropical Diseases Annual Report 2006

Resolutions on Neglected Tropical Diseases:

Disease   WHA/RC Resolution (Year)TargetTarget Date
Leprosy   AFR/RC44/R5 (1994)   Maintain political commitment and support for the global Leprosy elimination goal   

Human African Trypanosomiasis    AFR/RC55/R3 (2005) Strengthen capacity to elimination to Human African Trypanosomiasis as a public health problem    

Dracunculiasis (guinea-worm disease)   WHA 44.5 (1991) | [French]  Eradication; country-by-country certification of elimination of transmission; certified by the International Commission

Leprosy   WHA 44.9 (1991) | [FrenchElimination as a public health problem in all countries (i.e. prevalence of 1 case/10,000 population in each country) 

Major tropical parasitic diseases   WHA 27.52 (1974)       Called on WHO to intensify research on major tropical parasitic diseases

OnchocerciasisWHA 47.32 (1994) | [French]Elimination of the disease as a public health problem and an obstacle to socio-economic development (defined as maintaining the annual biting rate, 1000/person per year and annual transmission potential, 100)

Lymphatic Filariasis   WHA 50.29 (1997) | [French]Elimination as a public health problem and the interruption of transmission   2020
Trachoma   WHA 51.11 (1998) | [French]Elimination of blinding trachoma as a blinding disease   

Chagas disease      WHA 51.14 (1998) | [French]Interruption of vector and serological (transfusion) transmission in all endemic countries in Latin America  
Soil-transmitted Helminthiasis   WHA 54.19 (2001) | [French]Called on endemic countries to reduce helminthic infections by 2010 treat at least 75% of all school aged children at risk of morbidity from Schistosomiasis and other soil-transmitted helminthes   

Dracunculiasis (guinea-worm disease)  WHA 57.9 (2004) | [French]Calls for completion of eradcation of guinea-worm diseases (Dracunculiasis)   


WHA 60.13 (2007) | [French]Member States were urged to encourage research on Leishmaniasis control, to identify appropriate and effective methods of control of vectors and reservoirs and find alternative safe, effective and affordable medicines.  


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