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If you can beat Ebola, you can beat anything

When Ebola hit West Africa the healthcare systems of the region were under-financed and poorly equipped. Liberia had only 130 doctors for a country of 4.5 million people. Many of those doctors died of the disease. As Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone look to the future and to rebuilding their countries, recruiting and training doctors, nurses and other health professionals will be key to avoiding another devastating crisis. Dr Ireland, a Liberian doctor who has recovered from Ebola, says in the video that if you can beat Ebola you can beat anything.

Ensuring quality healthcare and protection from disease outbreaks for the people living in Ebola affected and other poor countries is possible and our Number 1 health priority.

  • Alcohol Based Handrub now produced and used by health workers at Bomi Hospital – Liberia ‘Nine more hospitals in Liberia ready to strengthen IPC using Alcohol Based Handrub ’ Liberia, July 2015 - The Ministry of Health in Liberia in collaboration with the Swiss Agency for Development and Corporation in January 2015 initiated a pilot project to produce Alcohol Based Handrub (ABHR) for Infection Prevention and Control measures in ten hospitals. This project was conceived as a result of a joint collaboration between WHO Collaboration Center on Patient Safety Infection Control and Improved Practices and…
  • First regional forum held on mental health response to Ebola outbreak The World Health Organization convened 75 mental health experts to discuss the social and mental health impacts of the Ebola epidemic in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone and ways to strengthen response plans in the event of a future Ebola outbreak.
  • Staying at zero: Keeping Liberia Ebola free Over a month has passed since Ebola transmission ceased in Liberia. This hard-fought achievement is still being celebrated across the country, where nearly 11,000 people became infected with the virus and 4,800 died. Liberia is still urging communities not to let their guard down until Ebola is gone from the region. They are working closely with WHO and other partners to keep Ebola from re-emerging.
  • Experts to assess mental health impact of Ebola Monrovia, 10 June 2015 – The Ebola outbreak that began in Guinea in March 2014 not only caused more than 27 000 cases and over 11 000 deaths in West Africa, it also left thousands of survivors, orphans, family members, health care workers and other support workers who require mental health and psychosocial support. Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone are looking to build and improve mental health services and psychosocial support after Ebola. Experts from the affected countries and the…
  • Environmental and Occupational Health Training of 15 County Managers Now Completed Monrovia, June 6, 2015 -- During the Ebola outbreak in Liberia, about 400 health workers were infected with the virus and more than half died. Now in the post-Ebola environment, the health and safety of health workers is a top priority. Following up, the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO), recently carried out training of key health workers who interface with the handling of every aspect of infectious diseases – Environmental Health Technicians (EHTs). From…