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Guide for the Development of a National Health Policy and a National Health Strategic Plan [pdf 1.1Mb]

Inter-Country Support Teams - Operational Guidelines [pdf 382Kb]
Achieving Sustainable Health Development in the African Region
Strategic Directions for WHO 2010–2015
[English - pdf 1.1Mb]
[Français - pdf 1.1Mb]
[ Português - pdf 1.1 Mb ]

Guide for WHO collaborating centres[pdf 5.3Mb]

AFRONews Vol. 11 No. 3 December 2010
[pdf 2.5Mb]

African Traditional Medicine Day, 31 August 2010
[pdf 6.87Mb]
WHO/AFRO Malaria Newsletter - La Toile Vol. 2, No. 2
[pdf 1.01Mb]
AFRONews: Vol. 11 No. 2 June 2010 [pdf 1.2Mb]
African Health Monitor (web version)
Issue 12, Apr - Jun 2010
African Health Monitor (web version)
Issue 11, Jan - Mar 2010

Regional Institute of Public health

- AFRO Integrated Health Database

WHO Reform

On-line platform for the information, communication and exchange of ideas on the current WHO programme of reform and the immediate efficiency saving measures. Explore key documents, watch town hall meetings, send in comments, ideas and questions; and read responses from the DG.

- WHO reform intranet site

- Feedback form

WHO Global Learning Programme on
National Health Policies, Strategies and Plans

Para Alcançar o Desenvolvimento Sustentável da Saude na Região Africana: Orientações Estratégicas para a OMS, 2010-2015
AFRO Programme Managers
Process for payment of SSA holders
Formulaire de demande de création/
modification de fournisseur
Supplier creation/modification request form

Guide de Gestion du système d'archivage (RMS) pour la location des services à AFRO

GSM Training Material
[ English ][ Français ]

Policy on the Prevention of Harassment at WHO [pdf 695Kb]


Cape Verde Declaration
[ English ] [ Français ][ Português ]
Libreville Declaration
[ English ] [ Français ][ Português ]
The Algiers Declaration
[ English ][ Français ] [ Português ]
Ouagadougou Declaration
[ English ][ Français ] [ Português ]
Workplans 2010-2011
Medium Term Strategic Plan 2008-2013 (amended) and Programme Budget 2010-2011
Workplans 2008-2009

2010-2011 Assessment Reports
2008-2009 MTR reports
2008-2009 End-of-biennium assessment reports
Emergency and Humanitarian Action (EHA) Reports
- Weekly Emergency Situation Update
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- Monthly Project Report
- Monitoring and Budget Consumption Level by Country Progress Report 10/11

WHO African Region Ministerial Consultation on Noncommunicable Diseases
Brazzaville, Congo, 4-6 April 2011

Uniting against NCDs: The time to act is now

From 4 -6 April 2011, the WHO Regional Office for Africa will organize in Brazzaville, Congo, a Regional Ministerial Consultation on the preparation for the First Global Ministerial Meeting on Healthy Lifestyle and Noncommunicable diseases control scheduled for 28-29 in Moscow, and for the UN High-Level Summit of head of States and Governments on the Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases (NCDs) to be held in New York from 19- 20 September 2011.

More information on the ministerial consultation
[ English ] [ Français ][ Português ]


New WHO job opportunities

25 March 2011, Geneva - At the beginning of the year we announced on the intranet page new job opportunities in WHO country offices for staff interested in managerial positions. A second exciting opportunity has now opened up for administrative staff looking to develop their careers, work in other duty stations and obtain regional or country experience. Anybody, Professional Level or General Service staff who meets the minimum requirements of the vacancy notice can apply, whatever their current level or location. Pictured here is Geoffroy Poiré who took up his new duties as Programme and Administrative Officer at the WHO Office in Lao P.D.R. 10 months ago, with sosme of his colleagues. If you are interested in making a move in your career, you are invited to apply through the link which can be found at the bottom of the page.


Innovative training for WHO administrative staff

Geneva 18 March 2011-- Often one of the first items to be cut when a company or organization's budget gets squeezed is training for staff. However, WHO recognizes that trained and energized staff are just what we need to stimulate growth and problem solving at all times. The innovation, flexibility and dedication that are necessary to build truly dynamic organization comes from well-trained and supported staff. A new series of workshops especially aimed for administrative staff to strengthen their personal effectiveness is in the pipeline.

Regional Service Desk (RSD)
- English Regional Service Desk based in Harare:;
Telephone: GPN Extension 38222
Working hours: 8AM - 5PM local time in Harare, Zimbabwe
- French Regional Service Desk based in Brazzaville:;
Telephone: GPN Extension 39222
Working hours: 8AM - 4PM local time in Brazzaville, Congo
WHO/AFRO in the news
- Congo: Efforts to curtail devastating polio epidemic get underway in West Africa [ Français ]
- Director regional da OMS para África pede reforço de sistemas nacionais de saúde

Administrative Services
- Brazzaville Holidays Calendar & Scheduled Office Closures
- Inventory of  Personal  Effects [ Français ]
   AFRO Office templates:   
- Facsimile, Memorandum, Letterhead

GPL Quick Reference Guide (QRG) Purchase Requisition for Service Contract new
GSM-GSC Guidance Note 003: Procurement of Services new
Services Procurement Discrepancies and FAQs [English] [Français] new
- eWHO Catalogue
- Procurement (pg438 - 485)
- Formulaire de demande de création
/modification de fournisseur

- Supplier creation/modification request form

Finance Services

- AFM Guidelines
- Post Adjustment
- Per Diem Rates
- Process for payment of SSA holders new
- Exchange Rates

- Travel Claim Form[Français]

- WHO Professional & Higher Categories &

Travel Procedures
- Monthly Travel Advisory
- TMAS (Travel and Meeting Administration


- Formulaire de réservation de vol

- Travel Claim Form[Français]

- UN Laissez-passer [Checklist]
  [Application form][Instructions]

- Diplomatique Cards Rep of Congo

- Visa Application Information
- Visa Application Forms
- Long Stay Visa Rep of Congo


Human Resources
- HRM Tools & Forms
- Staff Rules and Regulations
- Statut du Personnel et Règlement du Personnel
- WHO Manual

- Medical Services
- Awards and Recognition Programme
- Vacancy Announcements

- Guide document for new staff members
- Global Leadership Programme
- PMDS self training course
Travel Module for HR Specialist Training (Français) new

Security Issues
AFRO Security Guide [English] [Français]
WHO/AFRO Security Site

- Transport Procedures
Transport Request Form

Protocol and Conference Services

- Conference Procedures
- Conference Request Forms

XEROX Reprographic Services
- Reprographic request / Demande de
travaux de reprographie

- Xerox machine usage (Jan - May)
- Xerox machine usage (Jan - Apr)

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Health Information
- Fact sheets on health behaviour among
  school children in African countries

- WHO/AFRO Library


Information & Communication Technology

- AMS (Activity Management System) 
- ICT AFRO Service Request

Email Web Access
- Integrated Services System (ISS)
Start Collborating with WHO MindMeister
- Online Meetings with GoToMeeting

- Teleconferencing Guide
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- Telephone User Guides
[Alcatel 4035] [Alcatel 4029]
- Quick Users Guides Alcatel 4028 IP Touch
 [English] [ Français]
- GSM Hardware and Software Requirements
- Guidelines to Web Publishing

- Acceptable Use of Information and Communication Systems Policy
 [English] [ Français]
- Electronic Mail Usage Policy
 [English] [ Français]

-Internet Content Filtering Policy
[pdf 323Kb]

- Global Web Policy

- Zain’s Blackberry
Contract Form
Procedure for Requesting

- Global Information Full Text (GIFT)
  Regional Office access to GIFT
  Country Offices access to GIFT

- Training Documents
- AFRO Policy & Procedure Handbook
- African Health Monitor Guidelines for Authors

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