A Session of the WHO Regional Committee for Africa.WHO is headed by the Director-General, who is appointed by the World Health Assembly on the nomination of the Executive Board. The Regional Director for Africa represents the Director-General in the region and heads the Regional Office.

World Health Assembly
The World Health Assembly is the highest decision-making body for WHO. Its main function is to determine the policies of the Organization and approve the programme budget.

Executive Board
The Executive Board gives effect to the decisions and policies of the World Health Assembly and generally facilitates its work.

Regional Committee for Africa
The WHO Regional Committee for Africa is the Organization's governing body in the African Region. It formulates regional policies and programmes and supervises the activities of the Regional Office.

Programme Subcommittee
The Programme Subcommittee (PSC) is a subsidiary body of the Regional Committee. It assists the Regional Committee by reviewing the budget, strategies, reports and proposed resolutions and advising on policy and governance matters.

Governance reform
The evolution of WHO’s work and the increasing number of entities associated with global health has necessitated changes in the way WHO is governed, and the way WHO engages with external stakeholders. In this regard, WHO’s governance reform aims to strengthen both the internal governance of WHO by Member States, as well as the role of WHO in global health governance.