WHO in the African Region


A Session of the WHO Regional Committee for AfricaThe World Health Organization (WHO) is the specialized United Nations agency for global health matters. The mandate of the Organization is defined by its Member States in the Constitution adopted in 1946 that determines the objectives and functions of the Organization, its membership and its organs.

The WHO African Region is one of the six regions of WHO. The Organization's presence in the region consists of the WHO Regional Committee for Africa, a Secretariat for the African region, three Inter-country Support Teams (ISTs) and WHO Country and Liaison Offices located in 46 Member States.

Mission and core functions
The mission of WHO in the African Region is the attainment by all peoples of the highest level of health.

Information about the World Health Assembly, the Executive Board and the Regional Committee for Africa.

Organizational structure
Functions of the Regional Office, Inter-country Support Teams, and WHO Country and Liaison Offices.

Biographies of the WHO Regional Director for Africa, the Assistant Regional Director and Cluster directors.

Resources and planning
Framework for WHO`s financial resources and expenditure in the African Region.

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