United Republic of Tanzania WHO Country Office

The mission of the WHO Tanzania Country Office is to promote the attainment of the highest sustainable level of health by all people living in Tanzania through collaboration with the government and other partners in health development and the provision of technical and logistic support to country programmes.

The WHO Country Office supports National Health Authorities. In addition, it also coordinates and builds partnerships with sister UN agencies, other multilateral and bilateral agencies, learning and research institutions, civil society (NGOs and CBOs) and professional associations. WHO is a major advocate of sector-wide approaches (SWAPs) in health.

The WHO Country Office in the Tanzania was officially established in May 1963 and it is currently situated along Luthuli Road in Ocean Road area. Since its establishment, and in line with the Organization's mandate, the WHO Country Office works closely with the National Health Authorities, both in Zanzibar as well as in Tanzania Mainland.

Country Cooperation Strategy

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