Environmental Health Policies

The attainment of sustainable development by creating friendly environment conducive to health can only be realized through the enhancement of an environment that is free from biological, chemical and physical hazards emanating from local, national and international sources. In this regard, environmental health plays a pivotal role in the endeavor to create and foster an environment that is safe to work, recreate and live. It is in fact one of the most essential elements and preconditions for development. The primary and principal step deemed imperative in the effort to deliver environmental health services is the development and formulation of comprehensive and sound policy in the sector.

The Environmental Health Policy (EHP) programme aims to assist countries in their endeavor to realizing the achievement of sustainable development by creating an environment conducive to health through the development and formulation of Environmental Health Policy and strengthening/development of their capacities to render sound Environmental Health Services.

The main areas of focus of EHP include:

  • Providing technical support to countries in the African Region in development/review of National Environmental Health Policies and development/strengthening National Capacities.
  • Assisting countries in the formulation of Environmental Health Policies to realize the implementation of the Regional Strategy for Health and Environment adopted during RC 52.
  • Assisting countries in the elaboration and review of their policies on the sector.
  • Assisting countries in developing Policy Implementation Strategy for proper and effective implementation of the policy.
  • Developing and disseminating technical guidelines and other promotional materials related to policy formulation, implementation and capacity building.