Photo story: Observation of the cholera outbreak response in Zanzibar

01. At the Chumbuni Cholera Treatment Centre, Dr Chatora is briefed on the structure, resources, and functioning of the center

02. The center's staff is observed as it manages a patient in line with the case management protocols

03. Listening to the community on the social mobilisation activities being undertaken to raise the level of cholera awareness, personnal hygiene, treatment seeking practises, etc

04. Walking in the community to see the environmental conditions and their contribution to the persistance transmission and of the outbreak

05. Inspecting a shallow well, its location and distance from a pit latrine.  A distance between a well and a pit latrine is supposed to be 30 metres

06. A press briefing after conluding a visit to Chumbuni Cholera Treatment Centre and the Mtopepo area