Review and finalizing the All Hazard Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan

A 3-day workshop to review and finalize the All Hazard Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan was held in the Veta Conference Hall in Dodoma from 18thApril 2016 to 20thApril 2016. This workshop which was organized by the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children (MOHCDGEC) brought together participants from the Emergency Preparedness and Response Section (EPRS) of the MOHCDGEC, WHO, CDC, Ministry of Home Affairs, Academic Institution and the Private Sector.

In her opening statement, the workshop convener, Ms. Mary Makata from the EPRS of the MOHCDGEC, welcomed the participants and emphasized the importance of meticulously reviewing the Draft All Hazard Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Plans, making the appropriate modification/s and finalizing to become a resource document for action. Following the self-introduction of participants, the review of the document began, starting with the cover page and gradually proceeding from one section to the next until the completion of the document.

The review process was done through the plenary session with the document projected for everyone to follow, comment and discuss. After series of discussions, the agreed modifications were accepted and incorporated into the document.  One major addition to the document was the insertion of the Public Health Emergency Operation Center (PHEOC) and the Incident Management System (IMS),  under the section: Governance and Coordination Structure, which were not mentioned in the Draft document. The secretariat is to complete the integration of all the modifications and share the Final Document for review.