Tanzania commemorates World Malaria Day 2014

Highlights of the exhibitions by the Malaria Safe Initiative partners. Highlights of the exhibitions by the Malaria Safe Initiative partners.

This year, the United Republic of Tanzania commemorated the World Malaria Day 2014 by hosting the Tanzania Malaria Control Forum and a press conference officiated by the Minister for Health and Social Welfare, Dr. Seif Rashid.

Both occasions held on 25th April 2014, were attended by the Director of Preventive Services, Dr. Neema Rusibamayila; the National Malaria Control Programme Manager, Dr. Mohammed Ally; the Director of Ifakara Health Institute, Dr. Salim Abdullah; the World Health Organization Representative, Dr. Rufaro Chatora; Representatives from PSI, Irish Aid, DFID and Malaria Safe Initiative; Ministry of Health officials; public health specialists; researchers; WCO staff and members of the media.

The Minister for Health and Social Welfare, Dr. Seif Rashid addressed the two occasions by announcing the theme for World Malaria 2014 to be “Invest in the future. Defeat Malaria”, a theme that calls for increased investment to accelerate action to defeat Malaria.

In his remarks, the Minister described the current statistics reflecting the Malaria burden in the country and stated that despite the country’s achievements in Malaria control, sustaining the gains still remains a challenge. Elaborating on the role of research in informing policy and decision-making processes, he said “It is through research that we now know that not every fever is Malaria! Research also helps to establish effectiveness of medicines and insecticides.”

The press release discussed the government’s response to Malaria control challenges in the country. He concluded by calling for joint action among leaders, researchers , academic institutions, development partners and community members to promote and implement scientifically-proven and cost-effective interventions against Malaria.

The WHO Representative, Dr. Rufaro Chatora, delivered the message of the Regional Director for the occasion highlighting the need for continued investment and sustained political commitment for malaria prevention and control. Remarks elaborated on the

Malaria burden in the African Region and progress witnessed in the last decade towards achieving the national and regional malaria targets. The role of communities and individuals was emphasized in sustaining the gains and accelerating progress towards attainment of MDG 6. Proposed action included: reporting malaria symptoms early enough to health facilities, using Long Lasting Insecticide Treated Nets and pregnant women and children to take the necessary prophylaxis against Malaria. Dr. Chatora concluded by reaffirming WHO’s commitment to support the country efforts towards reaching the national milestones.

Other activities to mark the day included exhibition by Malaria Safe Initiative on the on-going efforts and interventions against Malaria.


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