World No Tobacco Day 2012

A banner displaying the theme of the day at the Julius Nyerere International Aiport A banner displaying the theme of the day at the Julius Nyerere International Aiport

Tanzania commemorated this year’s World No Tobacco Day at the Julius Nyerere International Airport, in Dar es Salaam on 31st May 2012. The Guest of Honor for the occasion was Hon. Minister of Health and Social Welfare, who was represented by the Acting Assistant Director of NCD Unit at MOHSW, Dr. Ayoub Maghimbi.

Others who were present at the event were Executive Director of the Tanzania Tobacco Control Forum, Ms. Lutgard Kagaruki, WHO staff, Representative of the Tanzania Airport Authority, Mr. Moses Malaki; Representatives of various Civil Societies supporting tobacco control efforts; the Media; JNIA staff; public audience at the airport and school children. The event included the following activities:

A public meeting:

The public was addressed by the representative for the Hon. Minister for Health and Social Welfare, representative for Executive Director of Tanzania Airport Authority and the Executive Director of the Tanzania Tobacco Control Forum.

Speech by the Guest of Honor:

In his speech, the Guest of Honor thanked the World Health Organization and all stakeholders involved in the fight against tobacco use including the Civil Society. Highlighting the successful efforts of the Government of Tanzania in the tobacco control, he cited the following:

  • The development of the 2003 Legislation on Tobacco Control
  • The ratification to the FCTC in April 2007
  • Formulation of the National Strategic Plan on Tobacco Control (2010-2015)
  • Enforcement of regulations which ban importing, distribution and selling of tobacco products from India (Kuber and Mandrax) which target the youth.
  • Enforcement of regulations which ban tobacco use in government offices and urging institutions and organizations to do the same in order to promote health at the work place.

Concluding his speech, he extended a call to the Tanzania Airport Authorities to reinstate the 100% smoke-free environment at the airport. He also urged the public and all the stakeholders to invest in educating the public on the harmful effects of Tobacco use as well as working together to control tobacco use in the country.

Messages from others:

  1. Tanzania Airport Authority committed to ensure that the airport is 100% smoke-free as well as support tobacco control efforts by offering free advertisement of health promotional materials displaying the harmful effects of tobacco use.
  2. Tanzania Tobacco Control Forum urged the government to raise awareness about the addictive and harmful nature of tobacco products and about tobacco industry interference with tobacco control policies. TTCF also requested the Tanzania Airport Authority to: i) remove the Camel kiosks at the public concourse; ii) remove the smoking table by the entrance of Flamingo restaurant iii) reinstate the public announcement that used to prohibit disembarking passengers from smoking in the terminal building. Finally, TTCF reminded all leaders to observe Article 5.3 of the WHO FCTC and stop embracing the tobacco industry which is an enemy to public health.

Exhibitions and Tour:

Tanzania Tobacco Control Forum displayed and distributed I.E.C. materials, coupled with health education through music.

The school children displayed banners conveying messages on hazards of tobacco use and urging the government to fully implement the provisions of the FCTC.

The Guest of Honor was given a tour around the airport to witness the two camel kiosks selling all brands of cigarettes, scattered ash trays in public concourse, and the smoking area at the JNIA’s Flamingo Restaurant.

Awareness creation activities: 

Media involvement was crucial in the success of the commemorations. A number of TV, Radio programmes and newspaper articles were produced by different media houses from 30th – 31st May 2012.

World No Tobacco Day 2012 commemorations at the Julius Nyerere International Airport (JNIA), Tanzani [pdf: 1.15 MB]