One UN pilot initiative


The overall goal of the One UN initiative in Tanzania is to improve programme delivery and results through a more coherent and better coordinated, funded and managed UN. This overall goal will guide all decisions taken by the United Nations Country Team (UNCT) to move this agenda forward. Dr Margaret Chan, Director-General of the World Health Organization, announced at the 60th World Health Assembly that the Organization is "participating fully in the eight 'One UN' pilot projects".

Joint UN program on maternal newborn child health

As part of the UN reform, Tanzania is one of the 8 countries in the world to pilot a joint UN programme where all UN agencies aim to deliver as one. The pilot is the UN's response to the changing aid environment, the need to align with government priorities and harmonise both amongst the UN agencies and other development partners as they continue to strive for greater impact on the ground.

In Tanzania the UN country team is currently piloting 7 joint UN programs. Under each program all relevant UN agencies have developed a joint workplan, have jointly mobilized resources and will implement activities jointly drawing on each agency's comparative advantages.

Maternal, Newborn and Child health is one of the 7 pilot programmes and WHO at both global, regional and country level is deeply committed to contribute to the success of the program as well as learning and sharing experiences from the UN reform process. The Joint program strategically focuses on:

  • evidence-based advocacy and policy dialogue to influence budget allocations and implementation of essential Maternal Newborn and Child health interventions;
  • system strengthening and institutional capacity building for maternal newborn and child health to support the implementation and monitoring of the national maternal newborn and child health strategic plan; and
  • raising awareness and demand creation for quality maternal newborn and child health Services through empowering individuals and communities to make informed decisions.

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