Essential drugs and medicines policy (EDM)


The vision for this area of work is to support the government of Tanzania to ensure that all people have access to the essential medicines they need and can afford; that the medicines are safe, effective, and of good quality; and that the medicines are prescribed, dispensed and used rationally. It also supports the country in integrating traditional medicine into the health delivery system and for ensuring the safe practice of traditional medicine.

It aims at strengthening the pharmaceutical sector in Tanzania within the WHO`s Medicine Strategy and the Africa Region’s Intensified Essential Drugs Programme which support areas of medicine policies development, monitoring and evaluation; access; quality and safety and promotion of rational use of essential medicines. Similarly it aims at guiding the development of traditional medicine (TM) and complementary or alternative medicine in the country within the WHO Regional Traditional Medicine Strategy which has the following objectives:

  •     to develop a framework for integration of the positive aspects of TM into health systems and services;
  •     to establish mechanisms for the protection of cultural and intellectual property rights;
  •     to develop viable local industries to improve access to TM;
  •     to strengthen national capacity to mobilize stakeholders and formulate and implement relevant policies; and
  •     to promote the cultivation and maintenance of medicinal plants.