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  • WHO backs South African government’s commitment to implementing sugary drinks tax to tackle diabetes and obesity 23 February, 2017: The World Health Organization strongly supports yesterday’s announcement by the Government of South Africa to implement a tax on sugary beverages as part of the country’s campaign to promote the health of its citizens and combat the increasing challenges of diabetes and obesity. The tax on sugary drinks was among several important health measures announced as part of the government’s 2017/18 budget.
  • WHO supports proposed sugar-sweetened beverages tax in South Africa The World Health Organization supports the consideration of Government of South Africa of introduction of a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages (SSB) to help reduce excessive sugar intake.  This is one of interventions proposed in the Strategy for the prevention and control of obesity in South Africa 2015-2020. WHO has supported introduction of such taxes since it was proposed by the National Treasury in August 2016.
  • WHO Joins launch of South Africa’s Health Standards Compliance Complaints Management Call Centre The World Health Organization yesterday joined South Africa’s Office of Health Standards Compliance (OHSC) in launching the country's Complaints Management Call Centre which will receive and register public complaints relating to non-compliance with prescribed norms and standards for health establishments. 
  • WHO sponsored 2016 CNN Best African Health and Medical Journalist Award Goes to... The WHO 2016 sponsored CNN Multichoice Best African Health and Medical Journalism award has been won by Ms Veronica Narkwor-Kwabla, of Tv3 Network, Ghana, for her documentary Ebola Orphans.   According to the judging panel, her documentary filed from Liberia and Sierra Leone shone a light on some of the ostracized children who are seeking new families. The question she examined was how the two countries will recover from the crisis that crippled health care systems, families and businesses. She told…

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