Social and Economic Determinants of Health


The Social and Economic Determinants of Health (SDH)  Programme provides technical support to Member States and WHO to reduce health equity gap through action on the determinants of health.

In the WHO African Region, these health inequities and inequalities exist between and within countries, and contribute disproportionately to high incidences of preventable illness, disability and premature deaths across population groups particularly the poor, women, children, elderly and displaced populations. As these determinants of health exist outside the Health domain, multisectoral and interdisciplinary approaches are required.

 Global leaders agree to promote health to achieve Sustainable Development Goals

sdph203021 November 2016 | SHANGHAILeaders from governments and United Nations organizations, city chiefs and health experts from around the world today made two landmark commitments to promote public health – stressing the links between health and wellbeing and the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its Sustainable Development Goals – and to advance health through improved management of urban environments.


​​​​​​​​Access the Action Toolk​​​it for Social Determinants of Health in the African Region​​​​

Health in all policies training manual

This manual is a training resource to increase understanding of the importance of Health in All Policies among health and other professionals.
The material will form the basis of 2- and 3-day workshops, which will:
  • build capacity to promote, implement and evaluate HiAP;
  • encourage engagement and collaboration across sectors;
  • facilitate the exchange of experiences and lessons learned;
  • promote regional and global collaboration on HiAP; and
  • promote dissemination of skills to develop training courses for trainers.

Read the training manual

Infographic in English (pdf, 465kb)

What do you know about health in all Policies [French]