Sierra Leone WHO Country Office


The mission of the WHO Sierra Leone Country Office is to promote the attainment of the highest sustainable level of health by all people living in Sierra Leone through collaboration with the government and other partners in health development and the provision of technical and logistic support to country programmes. 

Ebola virus disease in Sierra Leone

The emergence of Ebola virus disease outbreak in West Africa threatens regional and global public health security

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  • More than 2.5 million people reached in emergency response campaign with anti-malarial medicines in Sierra Leone Two successive emergency response campaigns in Sierra Leone to distribute anti-malarial drugs to people living in areas affected by the Ebola virus disease outbreak have successfully reached more than 2.5 million people, and significantly reduced the number of people with fever that might be mistaken for Ebola virus disease (EVD).
  • How Kailahun district kicked Ebola out Kailahun district in eastern Sierra Leone was one of the country’s first hotspots in the Ebola outbreak, at its peak reporting more than 80 new cases per week in late June 2014. With the assistance of WHO and partners, combined with the close involvement of community leaders, the district has managed to beat the disease and has reported no new cases for several weeks. There is no room for complacency however. Community teams and health workers are on high alert…
  • Sierra Leone communities organize Ebola response “In our chiefdom we have the necessary structures in place — leaders of all the villages are part of the Ebola response and fully involved, we have an active surveillance approach, and the population is well informed,” explains Philip Musa Koroma, Deputy Paramount Chief of Nimiyama Chiefdom in Kono district in Eastern Sierra Leone.
  • Cured of Ebola, Rebecca returns to cure others For many people, December 22 was the beginning of the holiday season. But for Rebeca Johnson, a Sierra Leone nurse who survived Ebola, it marked a return to work - and a new lease on life. "I will take the work normally as I did before. I will wear the full PPE, but I won’t ever be scared again because I have immunity."
  • When Ebola came calling: how communities in Sierra Leone faced the challenge When Ebola first swept through Port Loko District, Sierra Leone the rash of sudden inexplicable deaths was so shocking local people explained it as "a witch plane crash."